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College at 12 PhD at 16 meet the amazing Tesca Fitzgerald


Sixteen year old robotics enthusiast Tesca just finished her degree in Computer Science  and is now heading to Georgia Tech to do a PhD in Cognitive Science and Human Robotic Interaction. From age 5 she acted as team leader of an organized robotics programme and her team did so well that organizers accused them of cheating and tried to have them disqualified. They just couldn’t believe Tesca, 10 at the time, could produce such complex programmes. She ended up having to sit a software exam and show her transcripts to prove her case.

Tesca has actually been a wild computer genius right from since she was a toddler. Back in the 90’s Mother, Ami and 2 year old Tesca were on a plane each working/playing their own respective laptops much to the amazement of other passengers. As landing time came, a flight attendant requested they both had to switch off their laptops, baby Tesca managed to switch hers off but mother Ami was struggling. The entire back of the plane repeatedly shouted “ask the baby” so mother Ami handed the laptop over to baby Tesca. Sure enough she managed to shut down the laptop and the everyone erupted in claps and cheers.

She comes from a family of over achievers, her older sister Tayt graduated at 19 with a Law degree and her younger sister Ty is on track to be an engineer and graduate before 20. 

"My passion lies in finding new solutions to new problems,"


Sources: Oregon Live

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