Women Rock Science

Meet Dr Alia Sabur title holder for the World’s Youngest University Professor



Dr Sabur could read before she could talk and was 
enrolled in university by the age of 10. This child prodigy completed her bachelors degree from Stony Brook University in applied mathematics at 14 and then earned her PhD in Materials Engineering from Drexel University at 17. 

At 18 she was appointed a full time professor at
 Department of Advanced Technology Fusion at Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea. She holds the record for the youngest university professor ever shattering a 300 year old record. The previous title holder was Colin Maclaurin, a former pupil of Isaac Newton who was made a professor at 19 in 1717. 

"…..Since childhood, I’ve always been curious about how things work.  What is science really?  It’s how stuff works.”

Sources: Science Blogs

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